Teachings of Jesus Christ

Below is a quick reference for most of teachings of Christ mentioned in the gospels. This helps to compare and effectively identify false doctrines that Christ did not teach.

Don’t be a blind guide with uncleanness inside your heart.Mat 7:1-6, Luk 6:37-43, Matt 23:26
Only the wise who hears the teachings of Christ and does them will enter the kingdom of heaven.Mat 7:24-27, Luk 6:47-49, Matt 7:21
Be careful to love God more when you are more holy.Luk 7:41
Do not accumulate wealth for yourself but give it to the poor.Luk 12:16-21, Matt 19:21
Bear fruit or you will be cut downLuk 13:6-9
Listen to God’s word, understand it, bear fruit and then produce a hundredfold.Mat 13:3-8, Mar 4:3-8, Luk 8:5-8
Out of God’s kingdom all things that offend and those who practice lawlessness will be gathered and cast out into the furnace of fire.Mat 13:24-30
A single hidden sin can destroy your complete holiness to God.Mat 13:33, Luk 13:21
Let others see the good works you do and glorify the Father in Heaven.Mat 5:15, Mar 4:21, Luk 8:16, 11:33
The wicked will be cast into furnace of fire.Mat 13:47-48
Kingdom of heaven can cost you everything you have.Mat 13:44-46
God will not pour out more of His blessing for you until you are ready by bearing more fruits with new garment and new wineskins.Mat 9:16-17, Mar 2:21-22, Luk 5:36-37
Settle matters quickly with your adversaryMat 5:25, Luk 12:58
God will not forgive you if you do not forgive othersMat 18:23-35
Love everyone who show compassion towards you, as yourselfLuk 10:30-37
Heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask HimLuk 11:5-13
Know the voice of Christ and follow HimJohn 10:1-16
Way that leads to life is difficult and narrow. Only a few will find it. Mat 7:14, Luk 13:24
Do not exalt yourself but be humbleLuk 14:7-11
Without the wedding garment of holiness, you cannot attend the Son’s wedding.Mat 22:2-14
You cannot be a disciple of Christ until you forsake all.Luk 14:28-33
There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.Mat 18:12-13, Luk 15:4-32
You cannot serve God and moneyLuk 16:1-13
If you receive good things in this life and had not taken care of those who had received evil in your gate, you will be tormented in hades.Luk 16:19-31
Our duty is to obey and not expect profit from it.Luk 17:7-10
God can do what He wish with His own things. He treats all His laborers equal and pay the same wages.Mat 20:1-16
Do not be an unprofitable servant of God without using the talents given by Him for the benefit of His kingdom. If you don’t you will end up in outer darkness.Mat 25:14-30, Luk 19:11-27
God will give justice to His own elect speedilyLuk 18:2-8
Everyone who exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exaltedLuk 18:10-14
If you don’t bear fruit, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people who will produce its fruit.Mat 21:33-43, Mar 12:1-9, Luk 20:9-15
Keep watch and be ready at all times for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.Mat 24:43, Mar 13:34-37, Luk 12:36-40
If God didn’t find His servants doing what He told them to do, He will cut them in two and appoint them their portion with the hypocrites.Mat 24:45-51, Luk 12:42-46
Even the foolish virgins knew, without the good works glowing on their lamp, they cannot meet the Bridegroom.Matt 5:16, Mat 25:1-12
Father Himself will take away the unfruitful branches that are attached to Christ.John 15:1-6
Abide in Jesus Christ. Abide in His WordJohn 15:4-7
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