Scripture Inerrancy is a Lie

The kingdom of Judah faced a crisis in its history that even the book of the law itself was completely lost and only one copy was found during the reign of Josiah in 623 BC. Following this crisis and post-exile, the Redactor took extraordinary effort in gathering all information they had in scrolls to recreate the long forgotten stories with appropriate additions for missing pieces and clarifications. This intertwining of multiple versions of the same story by the Redactor usually referred as Documentary Hypothesis sometimes causes confusions on certain details for many but these actually shows the history of how the Torah was made and proves the crisis it went through. While Jesus Christ acknowledged all sources that make up the Torah and Scripture, He also corrected some of the mistakes in it refuting Scripture Inerrancy.

Role of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ mentions several roles of the Holy Spirit which include conviction, guidance, allocution, testifying or witnessing and abiding in us forever. However, giving us faith so that we can believe in Him or pouring the love of God in us to make us love Him is not of them.