Why a second set of 10 Commandments given?

Many Christians are unaware of two sets of 10 commandments in the book of Exodus. Why did God gave totally a different set of 10 commandments when Moses went back to Mount Sinai the second time? Is it possible an important detail is lost in translation?

Love is Cruel as the Grave

The love Paul is referring to is same as what Jesus taught about being merciful and kind to enemies and animals. Christendom had replaced the love for God and the love for fellow brethren in Christ with the general love of being kind and compassionate using Paul, thus rejecting the true love taught by Christ which is cruel as the grave.

Philemon – Hypocrisy of Paul

The book of Philemon is an excellent book to explore the hypocrisy of Paul where he rejects obeying the law on one hand but uses the law to establish his point on the other. We will also see how Paul settle accounts, playing good Samaritan cover up and finally telling Philemon that he owes himself to Paul, so the account is settled.

Is David to rule Israel again?

Is David to rule Israel again? Absolutely. Just like John the Baptist is Elijah, if you are willing to receive it, Jesus Christ is King David in all the prophecies referring to King David returning back to rule Israel. 

Don’t quote Scripture like Satan

Just like Satan quoted Scripture, Christians today use their Bibles as an excuse to keep sinning. They wilfully forget that a disciple is not above his Teacher, nor a servant above his Master, and willingly throw away God’s words using man’s words.