Research Study Bible

Research Study Bible is based on the World English Translation. While WEB Bible is in public domain, the name is copyrighted and cannot be redistributed under the same name. Hence, it is named as Research Study Bible (RSB). It is important to note this is not a new translation but rather, highlighting and markings on the texts based on other translations and manuscripts for in-depth study of Scriptures. No texts of the World Bible Translation was changed.



  1. Highlighting of Documentary Hypothesis Sources:
    • Jahwist (or Yahwist) source highlighted in Navy Blue
    • Elohist source highlighted in Teal
    • Priestly source highlighted in Gold
    • Deuteronomist source highlighted in Black
    • Redactor source highlighted in Maroon
  2. Incorrect Masoretic years struck out replacing it with correct Septuagint years.
  3. Strike out John 7:53–8:11 and Mark 16:9-20 as they were never in the original manuscript.


Note: Please disable background cleaning from preferences to retain highlighting if opening in Simple Bible Reader.

Supported Software

theWord Bible Software
MySword for Android

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