Re: Corona isn’t saving anyone

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you write: “God is stopping the murder of innocent children by brining this pandemic.”

“Innocent”? We are all sinners. And these children will mostly be born out of wedlock, and most people will end up being tortured forever anyway. So as Kierkegaard wrote, why add more sinners? Says Hamlet “get thee to a nunnery!” Exactly, I hate my life and wish I would never have been born (Job 3:3, Ecclesiastes 4:3, Jeremiah 20:14-18) into this evil (Gal. 1:4) and wicked (1 John 5:19) vale of tears (Ps. 84:6).

There is a lot of pride in these writings around here, since rejecting a good chunk of the New Testament certainly is nothing but. I’m not a Protestant, but even Matt Slick doesn’t buy into Paul being a deceiver.

Also, Christ-like living would mean to abandon money, to sell one’s posessions and to leave one’s wife and family — just like Peter did. So being a monk or priest is the closest to a “Christ-like” life. I readily admit that I am not fit for this — just like Kierkegaard did. as Leon Bloy wrote: the only regret is not having become a saint.

Who told you any child born is a sinner? Are you referring to David (Ps 51:5) singing about his mother Tamar sleeping with his father-in-law (Genesis 38) for which he cannot even enter the assembly of God because he was the 10th generation (Deut 23:2)? Yet, God chose this outcast shepherd boy who wasn’t qualified even to enter into the assembly of God to lead His people.

None of the references (Job 3:3, Ecclesiastes 4:3, Jeremiah 20:14-18) approves any form of murder or taking someone’s life. All these are men’s words during their difficult times. Jesus never promised there won’t be any trials or testings or punishments or chastening.

Christ-like living doesn’t mean living like a monk. It means to follow Christ in everything He says. That is, giving away our treasures, not everything and become homeless, and hating everything and everyone who comes in between us and Christ. Jesus didn’t say to leave Mary alone and ask His disciple John to become a monk – rather, to take care of her since she becomes his mother.

God never gave anyone the New Testament or Paul. He gave only His Son. His words are in gospels which are witness accounts. Anyone who speaks contrary to His words is to be rejected if they truly follow Jesus. Paul is not going to give anyone salvation. Following Jesus means, obeying His words, not Paul’s lies.

We don’t understand why you hate life/or your life.