Re: Lies about Paul

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“This is also where Paul split (Acts 15:39) and even taught contrary to the decree and preached gentiles to eat things sacrificed to idols (1Cor 8:1-13).”

No (Matt 15:11). Further, believing that we are to literally gorge our eyes out can only be a joke, especially given that Christ healed the sick, including the blind.

I am very certain if I started cut my appendages off in front of you and the whole congregation that they would not let this happen. Sick stuff.

Especially believing that translations of languages as foreign to our tongues as Hebrew and Greek (Matthew having been written in Hebrew originally) can be understood literally! As if idioms didn’t change.

I’d really like to see the reaction if I started to chainsaw myself, best in front of children too. Man.

a last remark about taking plucking one’s eyes out literally: one is able to lust in one’s mind anyway, meaning that even if sight greatly increaes it, it is still possible via one’s mind alone — and don’t forget one’s ears! Are we to drive screwdrivers through them as well? Why not debate Jay Dyer or Vox Day on this?

In Matthew 15:11, Jesus is talking about unwashed hands with Jews, not eating things sacrificing to idols. Food doesn’t matter but the desire to eat things sacrificed to idols do matter. Jesus specifically warned two churches in revelation (Rev 2:14,20) not to eat things sacrificed to idols.

The instruction to gorge eyes if they cause to sin is from Jesus, not me. He never said this to all but only to those who cannot stop sinning with their eyes, hands legs etc. So, go and deal with His instructions with Jesus directly if you don’t agree with Him and have no desire to enter life. The idea is to cut off everything that causes you to sin. When Jesus healed the paralytic, He warned not to sin again otherwise a worse thing will come upon him (John 5:14).

Your comment about chainsawing shows how ignorant you are in refusing to understand the seriousness of sin and how it stops you from entering life.

Yes, you can lust with the mind. Which is why Jesus said, what comes out defiles a person (Mark 7:20-23) and in Matt 23:25-26 to cleanse the inside of our hearts. He never forces you through the narrow gate and drags you through the difficult path to enter life. It is you who must cleanse your heart within and make your thoughts pure. It is you who must remove everything that causes you to sin if you ever have any desire to enter life.

We don’t know who Jay Dyer or Vox Day is and debating doesn’t change what Jesus taught.