Scripture Inerrancy is a Lie

The kingdom of Judah faced a crisis in its history that even the book of the law itself was completely lost and only one copy was found during the reign of Josiah in 623 BC. Following this crisis and post-exile, the Redactor took extraordinary effort in gathering all information they had in scrolls to recreate the long forgotten stories with appropriate additions for missing pieces and clarifications. This intertwining of multiple versions of the same story by the Redactor usually referred as Documentary Hypothesis sometimes causes confusions on certain details for many but these actually shows the history of how the Torah was made and proves the crisis it went through. While Jesus Christ acknowledged all sources that make up the Torah and Scripture, He also corrected some of the mistakes in it refuting Scripture Inerrancy.


Role of the Holy Spirit

Jesus Christ mentions several roles of the Holy Spirit which include conviction, guidance, allocution, testifying or witnessing and abiding in us forever. However, giving us faith so that we can believe in Him or pouring the love of God in us to make us love Him is not of them.


Where does Paul’s deception lead?

Paul’s letters deceive many to assume that they are in the path towards eternal life if they commit fewer sins than what they committed previously, which they consider as a sign of God working in them and they are growing in holiness and righteousness. Jesus, however, preached zero tolerance towards sin. He instructed to even cut our body parts that cause us to sin so that we can enter life without sinning than to commit sin and enter hell as a whole.


Luke 2 is correct about birth of Jesus Christ

Luke chapter 2 is correct about Quirinius census in 6 AD. The Jews not only had to offer atonement money in the Temple, but also must go to their father’s house for the census procedure as in the law is by their families and their father’s house. Hence, Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem is not a Roman requirement of census but a requirement from the law of Moses.


Atonement and the New Covenant

If you are under the false teaching that Christ’s atonement was for the whole world and all our the past, present and future sins are already atoned for, then you are greatly mistaken. Christ’s atonement was only for the land of Israel and for the Jews who had obtained mercy for sins which had no atonement in the law like king David. Christ’s Blood spilled as an atonement for the sins according to the old covenant, is also the same Blood spilled to create a new covenant which will redeem and cleanse us not through the atonement but through His victory over death itself which He won through His own death, who now holds the keys to death and Hades. Just as God the Father who gave life in the old covenant through the atonement provided by His Son, Christ also provides life to those whom He will.Therefore, let us listen to Jesus Christ and obey Him to become worthy of Salvation.


Beware of Church Hypocrisy

There are many lies told by many churches that every Christian must be aware of. The church will say, Bible is God’s Word (or) inspired Word of God (or) Bible is Scripture. The truth is, Christ is the Word of God and what God spoke in OT and what Christ spoke are the words of God. The church will say that the teachings of Jesus are only for Jews and God gave Paul for gentiles. The truth is, Jesus instructed to teach all nations to observe all things that He had commanded. The church will say, it is heretical and unchristian to reject Paul but the truth is, we need to follow what Christ taught. Tofday’s church is actually following Paul using Christ’s name. Beware! Believe in Jesus and obey His teachings.