Sad Truth of Grace and Mercy

Christians often believe that they always have grace and mercy from God but reality is far from it. Christians are being repeatedly deceived that we are even living under the covenant of grace or dispensation of grace when Christ never even mentioned the word grace. God sees our heart and He decides to give grace or be merciful if He wants. Some will never receive any. God has no obligation to give you grace and be merciful. This is the sad truth of God’s grace and mercies. Which is why, we must always obey Him, keep His commandments and be sinless before Him.

Is speaking in tongues true or not?

Speaking in tongues is not unique to Christianity but a common practice by pagans, shamans and occult. After removing Paul’s letters, neither Jesus, nor His disciples in their letters or in Revelation we find any reference to speaking in tongues except in Acts. Speaking in tongues was given by God to confuse people at the tower of Babel. Even a donkey can speak new tongues to preach a prophet. On the day of Pentecost, just like the donkey, God used His disciples to preach to the people in their own tongues. It is not a gift of the Holy Spirit, nor a language of the angels as Paul lied. God can open the mouth of any creature at any situation to deliver His message for His glory.

Who is God’s firstborn?

There are several firstborns for God namely, Israel, Ephraim, David and finally Jesus Christ. Israel being God’s firstborn passes on his birthright to Ephraim. But God rejected Ephraim to chose David from the tribe of Judah and made him His firstborn. The birthright from David was passed on to Jesus Christ, who came in the line of David to reign over the house of Jacob forever. Jesus Christ is the only begotten Son of God, who is the true firstborn over all who are born of God.

What does Flesh and Blood of Jesus mean?

The Flesh of Jesus is the Word of God as the Word became Flesh. This is why, we must feed on His Word so that we can abide in Him and He in us, and we can live. The blood of Jesus which is the true drink is synonymous to living waters which He will give us to drink, that is the Holy Spirit. As Jesus said, if anyone thirsts, let him come to Him and drink of this living water. If we desire to come after Him, we need to deny ourselves, take up our cross daily and follow Him. Only then we can drink of this living water which is receiving the Holy Spirit.

Abraham’s trickery to Abimelech

In the book of Genesis, we read about about Abraham making a covenant with Abimelech in Beersheba. The more you look into the covenant, we can see how Abraham tricks Abimelech because, his focus was on the promise of God. If Abraham was focused on God’s promise of a piece of real-estate, how much are we supposed to focus on God’s promise of eternal life? As Jesus said, we must be wise as serpents and harmless as doves.

What does it mean to be a born again Christian?

Born again Christian is a term so commonly used by many Christians to denote their faith in Jesus Christ. It means, not merely trusting in His name, but obeying Him in everything He said. I am saddened by websites like who never mention the truth that only those who practice righteousness and those who are free from sins are born of God. You can look into their answer to see the hypocrisy in it who neither mentions practicing righteousness nor being sinless to be born again. Follow Jesus and His disciples on what He taught, not some answers from any website including this.

Why oaths or swearing to God is of evil?

Jesus Christ in His famous sermon on the mount taught us not to swear or take oaths, even added anything more than “Yes” or “No” is of evil. Making a vow or swearing an oath on someone greater or something which we cannot change or control is by itself swearing falsely. In this post, we will explore why Jesus taught us not to swear and how it is of evil.

Luxurious Lot who lost everything

It is very important for us to reevaluate with whom do we dwell among. If we are surrounded by sinners and the wicked, we must flee from that place. If we don’t, God warns about us having part in their sins and also in their judgments. If we linger like Lot, we will be left with nothing and had to flee for our lives on the day God judges the sinners on the land.

Relatives, Friends, Servants and Strangers for Jesus

Are you born of God to be a brother or sister of the Son of God? Or, are you a friend of Jesus, the same relationship with which Jesus called Judas? Or, have you just decided to serve Jesus to be His servant? Or, are you a stranger to Jesus by working iniquity? Only a relative can redeem a relative. Neither a friend can redeem his friend, nor can a master can redeem his servant. Who are you to Christ?