Biblical Cosmology: Sun, Moon and Stars

Biblical cosmology is incorrect and often unscientific because every incorrect statements were from prophets and scribes used for praises, prayers and narrations. But, when God says about their incorrect cosmological views, He always converts them into allegorical representation to deliver His message to His people in a way they can understand.

Who are the abominable?

One of the category of people called as ‘abominable’ will have their part in the lake of fire which burns with fire and brimstone. In this post we will explore into who are these people referred as abominable and what are their sins based on the Scripture.

True meaning of food laws

God gave several food laws in Scripture which provides a complete list of living things what Israelite can and cannot have for meat. We also saw in a previous post that Christians can eat the unclean but not the meat sacrificed to idols. In this post, we will explore the true meaning of the food laws and why it is better to keep them even though they are not given to gentiles.

Why cowards end up in lake of fire and brimstone?

God casts cowards into lake of fire and brimstone in the same way He casts out murderers, liars, sexually immoral, sorcerers, idolaters, abominable and the faithless. Is being coward a sin? In this post, we will explore why cowards have no place in the kingdom of heaven and why they end up in the lake of fire and brimstone.

Let’s build the ark and store food

Just as Noah built the ark that saved him from the flood, we too are required to build our life by having our foundation on the sayings of Jesus by doing them. Our life will be preserved from the coming destruction only if we listen and obey what Jesus taught. Just as Noah stored the food in the ark, we are to treasure the teachings of Jesus and store them in our heart.

Christ’s Second Coming: Noah vs Lot

Christ gave us enough warning about His second coming. He showed us two distinct events so that we can be prepared in advance. Both Noah and Lot were called righteous, yet Noah saved his household and lost nothing since he prepared in advance while Lot lost everything since he waited until the last moment. How much are you prepared for His second coming?

Will God destroy righteous with the wicked?

While the answer to the question, ‘Will God destroy righteous with the wicked?’ seems to be a straight forward ‘No’, there is a Bible verse in Ezekiel that actually says otherwise. In this post we will explore why that verse is a typographical error on the manuscript by comparing it Septuagint and with the nature of God Himself from other passages and prophets.

Mysteries of the kingdom of heaven

The term, ‘mysteries of the kingdom of heaven’ occurs only once in two of the gospels – Matthew and Luke. Jesus Christ mentions about the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven specifically to show how He hides the actual meaning of His teachings using parables. His teachings about the kingdom are mysteries because they are only for those who not only hear but also understand and bear fruits.

What is Worship?

For some Christians, worship is singing and praising. But for others, it is praying to God. In the Scriptures, worship is not about praying, singing or praising but rather, it is being humble and obeying Him. True worship is not about a display using the flesh but in Spirit obeying the Truth. In this post, we will explore what worship means from Scripture.

God’s warning to Christians in Australia

God had delivered His warning through prophets, Pharaoh and even a donkey. Today, He chose to deliver His warning through a rugby player right before the elections is no coincidence. God used the very people who live in sin to freely advertise His warning to sinners all over Australia in all media. If the message is indeed from God, then based on what He spoke, Jesus had given a grace period to His people in Australia to turn from their sins by giving an election result favourable to His people, allowing them to freely and publicly worship Him for a period before His judgment begins in His house.