Burqa and the Bible

A burqa is an enveloping outer garment worn by women in some Islamic traditions to cover themselves in public, which covers the body and the face. It is more of a middle-eastern tradition rather than anything religious. Whether it was Jacob’s bride or Judah’s identification of a prostitute, they all wore burqa or its equivalent. In this post, we will explore what the Bible had to say about burqa or it’s equivalent in other cultures.

Abel was murdered in Jerusalem

When Jesus speaking to scribes and Pharisees, He strangely gave a range from the murder of Abel to Zechariah for what was coming on that generation. Zechariah lived in the days on Darius and Abel lived before the flood of Noah. The minor details from the words of Jesus can reveal things that are not mentioned in the Scripture because of His knowledge as the Son of God, who is God Himself in Flesh. In this case, we can see how Jesus is revealing us regarding the first murder that happened in Jerusalem.

When does life begin in womb?

What is life? Does life in a human being begin it at conception? Life in the womb begins when the fetus has its own blood which Scripture calls as life. This happens when the fetus is after 2 weeks from conception. Hence, any form of abortion after 2 weeks is murder of an innocent life. However, IVF treatments for infertile couples usually stop with implanting or destroying or freezing blastocysts which is around day 5, when they don’t have life. Hence, life does not begin with conception but rather, when the fetus has its own blood, that is life.

When is the resurrection of the dead?

It is a general Christian understanding that Jesus Christ will come again at the last day to judge the world. But they often miss out what Jesus spoke about an immediate resurrection and judgment for those die before His second coming. We must also keep in mind that the Father has been resurrecting saints all throughout the history of this world.

God is seeking people after His own heart

It is one thing to obey God but quite another to do what He desires. The scribes and Pharisees were more focused in obedience to the law even rejecting what God truly desires. We can clearly see this in the good Samaritan story. The priest and levite were following the law by making sure they are not defiled by not touching the half-dead wounded man. Is it God’s desire for the priests to follow the law strictly at the cost of the life of a wounded man? Is it God’s desire that the midwives must speak the truth to Pharaoh at the cost of innocent lives? Absolutely not! Obedience is important but not at the cost of rejecting what God desires. God is seeking people after His own heart. This is the new covenant what Jesus taught.

Limitations of demonic activities in this world

The idea portrayed by secular world regarding demons are often incorrect. Demons cannot haunt non-living things like houses etc., but require a living host like humans or animals. Demons also cannot do unnatural things like telekinesis. If a spirit can handle material things, I am sure that we can bottle up and eliminate them completely from this world. Demons can be identified as the causes from depression to several sickness and many don’t even know it. Demons cannot enter a person unless permitted by God and He gives permission for demons to enter a person because that person doesn’t give permission for God to enter by not keeping His Word. It is very important to understand and identifying demonic activities.

Whose responsibility is new heart and new spirit?

God through the prophet Ezekiel mentioned about new heart and a new spirit. However, the responsibility of either giving a new heart and spirit by God or we having a new heart and spirit is not only vague but intertwined. Based on what Jesus taught, if we believe in Him by keeping His Words and bearing fruit with patience, then God will give us His Holy Spirit.

Christ is not required to receive anything in this world

Many Christians often misunderstand why they require Christ. While Christ can give us all we require, He is not required to actually receive anything in this world. Without Christ, we can receive food, have cure for diseases, lay up treasures, have authority and even be wiser than those who truly follow Christ. So, why do we need Christ? Christ did not promise any of the things of this world. The only thing that He promised to His disciples is Eternal life.

Atheist’s guide to God

Atheism is the absence of belief in the existence of God (or gods). Many atheists claim that there is no evidence of God but they are wrong. In this post we will see how anyone can find God for themselves, receive evidence and get His response directly.

Identifying and interpreting dreams

Not all dreams are from God and not all dreams have meanings attached to it. We dreams through much activity and because of our desires of our heart as well. Only some dreams are from God and they have meaning to it. Not all dreams are accurate as well. God can give false dreams to test us but accurate dreams and its interpretation even to unbelievers.