Is Grace Deceitful? Is Mercy Shame?

What is grace and mercy? Translations often can be misleading and sometimes misses out the rich meaning found in the original language. In this post, we will explore the two words – grace and mercy. This is very important because, the word ‘grace’ was not once used by Jesus Christ, but always taught to be merciful. Grace means favor, not undeserved favor. Mercy is disgrace and shame and showing mercy is to remove the reproach of others.

Covenants in Scripture

Understanding different covenants in Scripture are key to understand their promises and fulfilment. God never made a covenant with children of Israel to give them the promised land but with Abraham. Israel must surely plucked off from the land according to the curse of law and it promises no second return from exile as in 1948. Based on what covenant did Jews return to their homeland? This post will explore each of the covenants in the Scriptures.