Obeying Jesus in the face of injustice

What should a Christian do if faced with injustice? What if threatened with a knife to give away everything we have? Should we fight back or give what he wants? One of the teachings of Jesus is to not resist an evil person. In this post, we will explore what Jesus taught about not resisting an evil person or not fight against injustices against us.

Testimony: A native catechist’s account of himself

The following account is interesting. The writer is Vedhamanikkam Sandhosham, at present labouring as an assistant catechist at Madras with our Missionary the Rev. W. Gray. It traces out the Lord’s dealings with him: how he was led out of thick darkness, step by step, into the marvellous light of the Gospel, and how, from being a devil-worshipper, he has become not only a Christian, but a teacher of Christ to others.

Joseph sold Egyptians into bondage

We often think about how Egyptians made Israel suffer in slavery. However, we overlook how Egyptians were sold into bondage in their own country. Jesus said, with the same measure we judge others, we will be judged back. Did Israelites suffer as slaves in Egypt because of what Joseph did to Egyptians? We may never know.

Why do we have temptations?

God who will lead us into temptations but He Himself will not tempt anyone but use the devil. The devil will use our own desires against ourselves for us to depart away from God and His commandments. God wants us to make sure we don’t fall into our desires before we receive the crown of life. To overcome temptations, Jesus taught that we must not be rocky but a good ground and His Word must have rooted deep within us.

What will it take for a plague to end?

Plague always occurs when God is angry. Pharoah restored Abraham’s wife because of God’s plague upon him and his household. The plague during the golden calf incident ended when all who sinned against God are dead. God destroyed all who followed Baal of Peor using a plague. When people wrongly accuse Moses, God plagued the people until Moses prayed for the accusers. God was angry with Israel who moved David to take a census and plagued the people. It was only withdrawn when David prayed for the land. What will it take for COVID-19 plague to end?

God’s anger and David’s census

It is often assumed that the plague in Israel due to census was because of the sin of David. However, comparing the events mentioned in Samuel and Chronicles with the census law, it is evident that the plague was due to God’s anger on Israel, not because of any sin of David.

Coronavirus, a blessing from God

God made families be closer than ever in lockdowns due to coronavirus pandemic. People no longer serve money. God made them scramble for essentials. God is saving lives by making it harder for abortions. God is closing down institutionalised false churches. God stopped prodigal lifestyles in the whole world through social distancing. This is truly a blessing from God. While coronavirus is a blessing, it is also a warning for what will come next.

Hand of God: Israel Folau and Rugby Australia

A year ago, when a rugby player posted God’s warnings for sinners, he was sacked. Even his gofundme page was shut down. But God knows that He is sending COVID-19 and wants to save His children. So, He plundered from His enemies and gave to His children, just as He did to Egyptians. Once He made sure His children are safe in the ark, He opened the flood gates of heaven to send plagues over all the earth so that all the disobedient, all who hate Him, His enemies and all who commit abominations can be in ruins. God is right here, reigning over all the earth, passing through us and plaguing His enemies, bringing nations to ruins, and plundering them while protecting His children as in the days of Moses.

Coronavirus, a plague from God

Plagues occur on earth when God’s wrath is revealed. While coronavirus is causing global pandemic with several dead and causing financial crisis throughout the world, God is sparing many. In this post, we will explore God’s judgments for using plagues, its results and how we can escape them.

Herod, the king who received seed among the thorns

Herod is always viewed as a murderer of John the baptist. But the gospels portray him as someone who feared John, gladly heard his preaching and even protected him. Just as the seed sown among thorns, we can see how Herod who believed in John’s preaching, eventually murdered him because of the cares of this world choked him instead of repenting from his sin.