t. Michael's cathedral in Kiev, Ukraine. Photograph by Norbert Aepli. CC-BY-3.0

Ukraine-Russia War: A Biblical Perspective

Scriptures contain several battles between several nations. Sometimes God wants a nation to fight against its enemy and destroy it while other sometimes He wants to surrender. In this post, we will explore the situations when God wants a nation to fight and when to surrender and look into the present crisis we have in Russia and Ukraine with Biblical perspective.

Temptation: Is Jesus the Son of God?

We all know that Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan. We looked at it in a couple of previous posts, Why do we have temptations? and Don’t quote Scripture like Satan. In this post, we will explore the most important temptation of Jesus, repeatedly tempted by Satan, i.e, to make Jesus doubt Himself if He is truly the Son of God.