Ezekiel 38 – Prophecy about Gog and it’s allies

The thirty-eighth chapter of Ezekiel is about the prophecy of Gog and it’s war against Israel. When Israel being surrounded by Turkey and it’s allies, all evidences point to a Jihad. This will not be a simple war where Israel can defeat but rather, it will be a war that all nations will know that that is a God in Israel and He defended His inheritance.

Ezekiel 37 – The Valley of Dry Bones

The thirty-seventh chapter of Ezekiel is about the vision of the Valley of Dry Bones and God explaining it’s meaning. God raised Israel from the grave, put His Spirit and made it alive, being witnesses of this prophecy being fulfilled today. 

Ezekiel 36 – God’s Anger and Promise

The thirty-sixth chapter of Ezekiel is about God’s anger for Israel’s rebellion, and the promise of re-inhabiting Israel again. Today, God had truly blessed Israel and bring the Jews back from just a few thousand Jews living in Israel around 1600s to 6.1 million today. This is the LORD’s doing and we are witness to what He had done.

Ezekiel 33 – The Watchman for Israel

When Ezekiel is warning about God’s judgments, the people do hear his words but they do not ‘do’ them. Today, we have the same problem in Christianity. Have you ever heard of ‘we are saved by faith alone’ lie?