Be righteous and trust God, not God for your righteousness

Have you ever heard that God is your righteousness? Or Have you heard that God makes you righteous to clothe you with righteousness and we can never be righteous ourselves? If you believe so, then you are deceived by Paul’s lies and his misrepresentation of Scripture because neither Jesus, nor the Father taught any such nonsense.

Believing Slaves or Free Sons?

Jesus confirms that believers of Him and Abraham’s descendants who consider themselves as free yet who commit sin are indeed slaves of sin and they will not abide in His house forever. If we abide in what He taught, He shall set us free.

Learn from Jesus to Cherry Pick verses

Jesus taught us how to cherry pick Scripture verses. During His temptation, He cherry picked Father’s teachings in the law when Satan used David’s song. Jesus also taught how to cherry pick weightier matters of the law. Since Christ is the only Teacher and His words supersede the law and Scripture, and a disciple is not over his Teacher, we are to cherry pick His words over His disciples’ teachings.

Akedah never happened

Abraham does not know the name YHWH. Human sacrifice never came into God’s mind. Abraham who successfully questioned God’s decision for the sake of righteous men in Sodom yet, not for his own son. The text itself suggests Abraham did sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering. God tests not with abominations. Did Akedah really happen or corruption by a corrupt scribes?

Lawlessness is sin but sin is not lawlessness

Sin is a broader term generally means to miss, fail or simply refers to mistake. However, iniquity is a much harsher term referring to twistedness. In other words, iniquity is something you purposefully twist to miss or fail. Hence, John is saying that everything you miss of fail to obey God, you are doing it purposefully, because sin is iniquity.