Evil-Eyed Christians

A recent visit to one of my very close relative left me with confusion on their behavior and turned to the Bible for answers. While they insist on spending during our stay at their home who also forbid any financial assistance from us for our own stay, they quickly get grumpy for minuscule things my children do that is worth nothing. To give a comparison, they are happy to spend $200 on some gifts for my children while grumpy for a little water spent on shower or lights left on. In this post, we will explore one of the important characteristics of what the Bible calls eye-evil and how we must avoid.

The Future of Gaza

We had a brief look into Israel and Gaza when things escalated back in 2021. Recently, the conflict got escalated again after Hamas attacked Israel. In this post we will revisit the previous post to look into some of the prophecies and explore the future of Gaza strip based on Scriptures.

Does God tempt anyone?

While James wrote that God doesn’t tempt anyone, He does tests us where He can lead us into temptation. In this post, we will discuss why God leads us into temptation.

Cryptocurrencies and the Bible

While the Bible doesn’t explicitly say about cryptocurrencies, it does give us clear instructions. In this post, we will explore how cryptocurrencies cannot operate without government approvals, mostly used by criminals, a ponzi scheme driven by greed, not backed by anything and no intrinsic value on what was mined. True Christians must not be tempted by this greed but be content with what they have.

Hannah’s dedication of Samuel is wrong

We all read in Scriptures about how Hannah made a vow and dedicated Samuel to the LORD at a very young age. While the Biblical authors narrate it in positive light, looking deeper into the law, scriptures and what Jesus taught, we can conclude Hannah was wrong to dedicate and leave young Samuel in the tabernacle.

Four types of Christ’s Servants

When Jesus was explaining the times of His coming, He gave us examples for four types of His servants. In this post, we will explore evil servant, foolish servant, lazy servant and the good servant.

Discern the signs of the times

We are living in dangerous times and the next decade can plunge us into major battles. We should not be hypocrites who can discern the weather but not the signs of the times. In this post, we will explore the reasons why we are living in dangerous times.

Coming of the Son of Man: Alternate Viewpoint

What does the coming of the Son of Man really mean? There are several verses which suggest about this event happening sometime after the crucifixion of Jesus, not two thousand or more years later. Are we really missing something? Did we misunderstand what Jesus said? In this post we will explore an alternate view which also agrees with what Jesus said.

Ishmael’s Age

Most of the timeline we get from the book of Genesis is based on what it says. Sometimes, the actual event may sometimes contradict the timeline, indicating that the years mentioned could be wrong, possibly a typo. In this post, we will explore one such typo regarding the age of Ishmael.


Jesus Christ very clearly mentioned that the only permanent separation that can happen between a husband and a wife is through death. This view, is based on the fact that God joined them, i.e., both are His children. Jesus Christ is also not against abandoning the spouse if he or she departs from faith in Him. The only exception for not marrying is unable to reproduce or raise godly children. While not directly, but we can infer that Jesus is not against remarriage after abandonment.