When was the Book of Genesis written?

The internal evidence from the Scripture itself shows that the book of Genesis must have been compiled when Calah was a great city and during the reign of David. It is important to note that the content in Genesis might have been from much older documents but the book of Genesis as we have today for the most part was written and compiled around 1060 BC during the reign of David .

Ezekiel 36 – God’s Anger and Promise

The thirty-sixth chapter of Ezekiel is about God’s anger for Israel’s rebellion, and the promise of re-inhabiting Israel again. Today, God had truly blessed Israel and bring the Jews back from just a few thousand Jews living in Israel around 1600s to 6.1 million today. This is the LORD’s doing and we are witness to what He had done.

Remaining silent on abominations is a sin

A witness remaining silent is guilty according to the law. How can we be witness to Christ if we don’t cry out? God will not spare us if we don’t cry out against abominations. If we remain silent, relief and deliverance will arise for His people from another place but we will perish. Therefore, let us cry out against abominations that are happening in this world. 

Slaying the wicked is imputed for righteousness

Many Christians use faith only by following Paul’s commentary on imputed righteousness to Abraham, even rejecting the righteous requirements taught by Christ to enter His kingdom. Do they know that even slaying the wicked is also imputed for righteousness according to the Scriptures? Let us follow Christ and obey His commandments and not some imputed righteousness from Paul.

Cost of Pride and Unbelief for Moses

The pride of Moses led to self-righteousness and disobedience to God which costed his entry into the promised land. Just like Moses, today we may be living a righteous life all throughout our life, but trusting in our righteousness if we commit even one sin that can cost us our entry into eternal life. Let us therefore, keep watch and pray all times.