Antediluvian lifespan are actually in months

In the book of Genesis from Bible, we see that the Antediluvian patriarchs lived extremely long, nearly a thousand years. However, based on evidence from the oldest book in the Bible, we will soon uncover that they are months, rather than years which means, the Antediluvian lived normally like us, and died like us. It’s all a misunderstanding of ancient texts.

Resolving Remarriage Paradox

If a man or a woman was divorced but not for sexual immorality, who then remarries another, realizes that the remarriage is adultery based on Christ’s Teachings, both must stop committing adultery by breaking the adulterous marriage, ask forgiveness to God through Jesus Christ. If they marry someone else, that marriage is also considered adultery by Jesus. Hence,  both must pursue to restore their broken initial first marriage and live as one flesh. What God joined, let no man separate.

Few Laws of Moses are not from God

Many Christians and Jews think that the entire law was given by God through Moses. However, the details in the law and Jesus Christ reveals a few were not from God. Whether it is appointment of judges who led Israel to worship other gods and Moses declaring whatever they say is God’s commandments shows that the law is not fully from God. In this post we will explore some of the commandments that came only from Moses or other judges, and not from God.

Abominations of Patriarchs

If the law of Moses was applied to the patriarchs and/or Israel’s forefathers, the first to get cast out are Abraham, Jacob, Judah and most of the descendants of Judah. This post is not to degrade the the patriarchs of Israel by exposing their abominations but rather, to show how awkward it is to force the law of Moses or the old covenant upon the gentiles who were never given the law – just as the patriarchs who were never given the law.

Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage

Today’s culture is so messed up that even Christians reject what Christ taught regarding marriage. The core message of Jesus is:  “what God has joined together, let not man separate” – and any matrimonial relationship outside of that first marriage which God joined is considered adultery. In this post, we will explore what Christ taught on marriage, divorce and remarriage for several problematic situations.

Scripture, writings and prophets

There is no concrete reason for why Jewish scribes considered Job and Daniel to be part of writings. However, based on Jesus and His disciples, we can confidently say that Daniel and Job are considered prophets and therefore must be among the “prophets” and not writings in Tanakh. As for the rest of the writings, they are of great value to read but not part of Scripture according to Jesus.

What if I sin again and again?

If we sin ‘again’, we must ask repentance and not sin again. We must keep in mind that opportunity to repent for our sins is not always guaranteed as we see in the case of Ananias and Sapphira who died at the spot for sinning. We must also keep in mind that God has absolutely no obligation to forgive sins simply because we asked for it. We must plead by being humble and His forgiveness is only because of His mercy towards us. With this in mind, we must think twice before we sin again.

What does Christ’s coming on the clouds mean?

Clouds when used in context of God, it is used either symbolic or literal but always represents the presence and the glory of God. Christ coming in the clouds may not necessarily look like Falcon 9 first stage landing visible only for a local region. Christ’s coming will be a more terrifying and dreadful event that affects globally because, Christ is coming in the glory of God in the form of a cloud, sitting at the right hand of God, all powerful where all nations will be gathered before Him and the heaven and earth fled away. 

Truth about Nephilim

Who are the pre-flood giants or Nephilim? The sons of God are undoubtedly fallen angels. While a literal interpretation provides a union of angels and women, with Nephilim or giant offspring, a more allegorical interpretation is identical to how God uses the terms to explain the spiritual adultery of Israel. Is it possible that fallen angels lead people groups into worshipping them in return of earthly power and demonic wisdom? You decide.