Parables Of Jesus Christ

Four types of Christ’s Servants - When Jesus was explaining the times of His coming, He gave us examples for four types of His servants. In this post, we will explore evil servant, foolish servant, lazy servant and the good servant.
Parable of Christian Growth - Christ will neither push you inside the narrow gate that leads to life nor drag you on the difficult path so that you can have life. It is your responsibility to not only enter the narrow gate but also walk in the difficult path that leads to life just as the earth yields crops by itself to produce ripe grains ready for harvest.
Parable of Conditional Grace - Are you being deceived that the wedding garment is given to you just by believing in Jesus Christ? Beware! You must purchase it from Christ by keeping your garments undefiled. The cost of keeping your garments undefiled can be anywhere from losing your body parts, relationships, your entire wealth or your own life.
Parable of Disobedient Believers - Without oil in our lamps or without obedience to Christ's words, we cannot burn our lamps to shine before Him when He comes. All those who reject Christ's teachings on holiness and the righteous requirements to enter into His kingdom are like the foolish virgins who had no oil on their lamps to burn and shine continually when He comes a second time.
Parable of Expiring Grace - Your boasting on Christ's righteousness and rejecting the requirement of fruits which God expects in your life as works and continue to be fruitless is not going to save you on the day when God's grace expires for you. It is your righteousness and your fruits which you bear for God the Father by doing His will is going to save you.
Parable of Faithfulness - The least Christ expects from us is not least obedience. On the contrary, complete obedience and faithfulness on the little things He instructed. If we aren't faithful on the little instructions He gave before He left to Heaven, how can Christ expect us to be faithful on the many things He promised to give us when He returns?
Parable of False Doctrines - Any doctrine or teaching that deviates from doing the will of the Father in Heaven which is righteousness and holiness is a leaven. When Christ comes in the clouds, will He find you being deceived and not doing the will of the Father in heaven?
Parable of Loving God - If can say you love God and yet not ready to submit to God and also submit all your valuable treasures at the feet of Jesus, you do not love God. Among all who came, sinful woman who was ready to submit her valuables and herself at Jesus feet was saved and returned home with her sins forgiven.
Parable of Pricey Kingdom - Christ is the merchant who paid the full price of the great pearl with His own life to purchase the Kingdom from the Father. If we invite Christ into our life and overcome this world, we inherit His kingdom by sitting on His throne which He received from the Father, just as He overcame and sat down with the Father on His throne.
Parable of Punishments - Christ explained to us in His parable that different sins deserve different punishments. It is very important that we must never be a licentiousness to take for granted the grace of God, or careless to fully obey and follow Him, or ignorant of the will of God. We must always be like the faithful and wise steward, who not only prepared himself but also did the will of God.
Parable of Reciprocative Love - The good Samaritan story of Jesus Christ teaches us to love the enemies who showed mercy towards us as our own self and they are our neighbors. We are also called to show mercy and compassion even to those who treat us as enemies. What He did not say is, to affectionately love God's enemies as your ownself.
Parable of Rejected Believer - If you live by not doing what Jesus Christ said, you will not be able to stand firm on righteousness and holiness, on the day when you are rained with blessings or flooded with terror because of your gathered wealth or carried away by false doctrines. Christ will reject you by even denying to have known you.
Parable of Returning Sinner - Heavenly Father is willing to forgive any sinner. However, the sinner must not be far away from the Father and expect the Father to come and rescue him while He is still sinning. It is the responsibility of the sinner who is in darkness to forsake his sins and come back to the Father so that he may live.
Parable of Reversible Grace - Many Christians believe in God's grace that freely justified them and made right with God. What they are willfully ignorant is that God will reverse His grace if we forgot to show His compassion and commit iniquity.
Parable of Seeking Gentiles - Just as the woman lit the lamp to shine the places of dark, sweep the house carefully to find the lost coin, the Lord God gave Jesus Christ as a light to the world to shine on those who sit in darkness and bring out the prisoners from the prison.
Parable of Seeking Israel - The leaders of Israel had led the children of Israel astray and got lost. Christ is the good shepherd who came to seek the lost sheep of Israel. There will be more joy in heaven if one sinner of Israel repents to whom Christ was sent.
Parable of Serving God - Jesus is teaching us that the wicked is more shrewd than the righteous. He is using the parable of the unjust steward as an example to show us how we must not be unfaithful on other's wealth but to use our wealth and be friends with God who can invite us into His eternal home and serve Him rather than riches. Here Jesus is teaching us how to be faithful in little things which He calls as serving God.
Parable of Unsaved Believers - Are you deaf to Christ's teachings, always hearing and not growing? Do you stumble when you are tested in faith not rooted in the word? Are you an unfruitful believer bearing no fruits? Repent now! God the Father will take you away from Christ to cast you out to be thrown into fire and burned.
Parable of Valuable Kingdom - The kingdom of Heaven is not free to inherit. It is a valuable hidden Kingdom that costs your entire wealth for you to inherit. If you are unwilling to sell your abundance and give it to the poor and needy, you will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven.
Parable of Working Faith & Righteousness - A mustard seed is compared to faith which by itself is dead or will not grow without works. We need to crucify the old man for us to be no longer slaves of sin to become a new creation, just like the seed dies so that it can grow into a new life which justifies us to account for righteousness that grows like a tree within us.