Does God tempt anyone?

While James wrote that God doesn’t tempt anyone, He does tests us where He can lead us into temptation. In this post, we will discuss why God leads us into temptation.

Temptation: Is Jesus the Son of God?

We all know that Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan. We looked at it in a couple of previous posts, Why do we have temptations? and Don’t quote Scripture like Satan. In this post, we will explore the most important temptation of Jesus, repeatedly tempted by Satan, i.e, to make Jesus doubt Himself if He is truly the Son of God.

Why do we have temptations?

God who will lead us into temptations but He Himself will not tempt anyone but use the devil. The devil will use our own desires against ourselves for us to depart away from God and His commandments. God wants us to make sure we don’t fall into our desires before we receive the crown of life. To overcome temptations, Jesus taught that we must not be rocky but a good ground and His Word must have rooted deep within us.