Jewish Sabbath and Christianity

Following Sabbath means, keeping the Old Covenant and thus, must obey all of it. Therefore, uncircumcised Christians who do not keep the feasts of the Lord, yet follow the Sabbath (as most Sabbath denominations do), are guilt of all. The New Covenant which replaces the Old Covenant has no Sabbath obligations. The only book in the New Testament that contains the revelations which God gave Jesus Christ to show His servants is the book of Revelation where Sabbath is not mentioned even once.

The Marriage of the King’s Son

The wedding invitation is for everyone and all are free to attend. However, the white garments for attending the wedding of the King’s son must be purchased from the King (Rev 3:18). White garments are only provided to those who had not defiled their garments (Rev 3:4-5). Keeping your garments undefiled can cost your eye,…