The Marriage of the King’s Son

The wedding invitation is for everyone and all are free to attend. However, the white garments for attending the wedding of the King’s son must be purchased from the King (Rev 3:18). White garments are only provided to those who had not defiled their garments (Rev 3:4-5). Keeping your garments undefiled can cost your eye, hand (Matt 5:29-30), relationships (Luke 14:26), your entire wealth (Matt 13:44-46) and even  your own life (Luke 9:23-24). The journey is also through a narrow gate and the path is difficult (Matt 7:13-14). Beware of wolves in pastor clothing who preach a free entry that costs nothing and no effort, which are lies from Satan. Responding to the wedding invitation for the King’s Son and willing to pay the price is entirely upto you.

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