Simple Bible Reader

This open-source software is aimed to be simple, yet a powerful reader and converter to support and convert from/to all available bible formats. The software is developed with the intention of being portable and faster loading, that does not have any dependencies on the user system. It is also developed to bridge the gap between multiple Bible software so that a user can choose his favourite Bible software and import/export his favourite Bible translation through this software. The software allows you to import and export from/to any supported Bible format.



1 Tested to work on both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.
Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 is installed by default on Windows 10 Version 1903 and above.
3 Microsoft Edge WebView2 is preinstalled on Windows 11 and installed automatically on all Windows 10 by windows updates.

Supported formats:

  • Bibles – Zefania XML Bibles4, The Unbound Bible (Unmapped-BCV, Mapped-BCVS, Unmapped-BCVS), Open Scripture Information Standard (OSIS), General Bible Format (GBF), XML Scripture Encoding Model (XSEM), The Word Bible Modules (ONT, ONTX, OT, OTX, NT and NTX)2, e-Sword Bible Modules (BBL, BBLX, BBLI)4, Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX), The SWORD Project1,4 , Verse Per Line (VPL), Go Bible, Theological Markup Language (ThML), Open Song Bibles (XMM, Bibles, Bible Companion (BIB), MySword for Android, Bible Analyzer (BIB), EasySlides (MDB), MP3 Bibles, LOGOS Import (DOCX), Online Bibles5, PalmBible+, HeavenWorld Bibles for Windows 8, VerseVIEW, MyBible4, SwordSearcher.
  • Commentaries – XML Format, SWORD Commentary Modules (ZIP), The Word (cmt.twm), e-Sword 8.x (CMT), e-Sword 9.x and above (CMTX), MySword for Android, Bible Analyzer (CMT), OnlineBible Commentaries5, MyBible, SwordSearcher.
  • Dictionaries – Zefania Dictionary Format (XML), SWORD Dictionary Modules (ZIP), The Word (dct.twm), e-Sword 8.x (DCT), e-Sword 9.x and above (DCTX), MySword for Android, Bible Analyzer (DCT), MyBible, SwordSearcher.
  • Books/topics – XML Format (XML), The Word (gbk.twm), e-Sword 8.x (TOP), e-Sword 9.x and above (TOPX/REFX)3, SWORD Book Modules (ZIP), MySword for Android, Bible Analyzer (BK), STEP Modules, SwordSearcher

1 The SWORD Project from CrossWire Bible Society has many software applications that can open on various platforms. They mostly use the same bible format. You can export and use them in any of the SWORD Applications which runs on various platforms.
2 The Word format also supports Android’s Open Bible.
3 Export is only of TOPX (Topics) type which can be converted to REFX (Reference Library) by Ctrl+right click on e-Sword Topic interface itself.
4 Supports Bible modules with Apocrypha/Deuterocanonical books.
5 Supports only .exp modules from

License: Public Domain

Version:  5.4.5

Latest Release:  19-Feb-2024

Download:  Simple_Bible_Reader 5.4.5 (10.93 MB)

Release Notes: Version 5.4.5

Known Bugs: Issues & Workarounds

Source Code: (1.71 MB)

Previous Versions

Legacy Versions
Download VersionRelease DateSource CodePrerequisitesVersion Details
Version 5.3.1
(11.1 MB)
(1.65 MB)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4Last version to support Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
Version 3.0
(1.5 MB)
7-Feb-2017N/AMicrosoft .NET Framework 4Last version to support Windows XP.
Version 2.9
(3.3 MB)
18-Feb-2013N/AMicrosoft .NET Framework 2Does not support Windows 10 and above.

Documentation:  User Guide

Plugins: Please visit plugins page to download available plugins for conversion. Also refer user guide on how to build and use plugins.