Simple Bible Reader – Release Notes

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Release Notes – 5.5.0

  • Major compatibility release
  • Supports multiple Html Renders and autoselects WebBrowser Control if WebView2 is not installed. WebView2 is no longer a mandatory requirement.
  • Supports both x86 and x64 architectures.
  • Runs on Linux operating systems using Wine 9.x with limitations.
  • Runs on Windows Vista and above with some limitations. Recommendation is always Windows 10 and above.
  • .NET Framework requirement lowered to 4.6 or above.

Release Notes – 5.4.9

  • Bugfixes in theWord encrypted format (thanks to David Ford).
  • Several Bugfixes in theWord dictionary format.
  • Supports images in theWord dictionary format for display only.

Release Notes – 5.4.8

  • Button to save plugin.
  • Experimental options – allow slow but reliable HTML/RTF conversion using WebBrowser and RichTextBox controls.
  • Bugfixes in dictionary plugin parsing.

Release Notes – 5.4.7

  • Bugfixes in BBLI Bible format (thanks to Ngon Cyrille)
  • Experimental options – persistent preferences i.e, save/load prefs from file.

Release Notes – 5.4.6

  • Complete UI redesign of plugins.
  • Experimental options – Edit Bible Verse option allows to edit using context menu.

Release Notes – 5.4.5

  • Bugfix in raw display of bibles.

Release Notes – 5.4.4

  • Some BibleAnalyzer commentaries doesn’t load – fixed.

Release Notes – 5.4.3

  • EasySlides Bible texts with empty verse references fails to load – fixed.
  • SWORD bible on windows doesn’t use the Sword Engine – fixed.

Release Notes – 5.4.2

  • ‘Don’t parse to provide raw text’ option in Preferences doesn’t work – fixed.
  • Raw display for viewing content without rendering.
  • Dynamically run plugins on bible, books, commentary and dictionary texts.

Release Notes – 5.4.1

  • Commentary and Dictionary links fixed for WebView2.
  • Fixed red texts parsing and display.
  • Better dark mode support.
  • Automatic parser setting in preferences.
  • Bug fixes and code improvements

Release Notes – 5.4

  • WebBrowser replaced with WebView2.
  • Fixed issue unable to save Bible Preferences.
  • Comments in Zefania XML changed to NOTE tag within VERS as per Zefania XML Schema Definition.
  • Support for display themes. Experimental dark theme just for content display.
  • Major bug fixes and code improvements

Release Notes – 5.3.1

  • Important bug fix on loading Sword Project bibles.

Release Notes – 5.3

  • Portuguese translation for Deuterocanonical Books
  • Replaced cross-connect with libsword from CrossWire
  • Apocrypha support for The SWORD Project Bibles, MP3
  • Major bug fixes and code improvements

Release Notes – 5.2

  • Apocrypha support for Zefania XML Bile, MyBible, e-Sword
  • Several bug fixes and code improvements
  • Background cleaning disabled by default

Release Notes – 5.1

  • Support for e-Sword HD dcti and refi format.
  • Support for The Sword Project raw display/export.
  • Books missing in BibleAnalyzer export fixed.

Release Notes – 5.0

  • Added third-party licenses.
  • Minor code modification.

Release Notes – 4.4

  • Portuguese Translation
  • Minor Bugfix

Release Notes – 4.3

  • Support for e-Sword HD CMTI format.

Release Notes – 4.2

  • Updated UI with better toolbar icons
  • Bugfix on plugin processing.
  • A Bible reader with no Bible content? The Gospel of John from WEB translation added.

Release Notes – 4.1

  • Fixed export issue while parsing disabeld
  • Improved plugin support.
  • Updated icon with better resolution.
  • Updated links and several internal improvements.

Release Notes – 4.0

  • DPI awareness for high resolutions.
  • Fixed print issue.
  • Support for MyBible format.
  • Support e-Sword BBLI format.
  • Support SwordSearcher format.
  • Rtf to Html for better display.
  • Updated links and several internal improvements.

Release Notes – 3.0

  • Support for Windows 10.
  • Executable Bible removed.
  • Updated links.

Release Notes – 2.9

  • Support for VerseVIEW Bible format.
  • Export to theWord gives some html escaed chars – fixed.

Release Notes – 2.8

  • Support for HeavenWorld Bible format.
  • Support for OnlineBible Book format.

Release Notes – 2.7

  • Support for Palm Bible+ format.
  • Red-text simulation not enabled by default (can be enabled from Preferences) to avoid interfering with modules that already have red text.
  • Support for OnlineBible Commentary and Dictionary formats. Export to OnlineBible dictionaries not supported.

Release Notes – 2.6

  • Context menu on red text doesn’t work – fixed.
  • Support for OnlineBible format.
  • Supports red-text for MySword for Android.

Release Notes – 2.5

  • GoBible suddenly doesn’t open – fixed.
  • Introducing plugins based on regular expressions.

Release Notes – 2.4

  • Optional Chapter Titles
  • A few theWord dictionaries give error System.Byte[] – fixed.
  • GoBible NT gives Book names from Gen to Dan – fixed.

Release Notes – 2.3

  • Rebuilt using Microsoft .Net 2.0. Supports Windows 8
  • Automatically convert Christ’s Words to Red Text.

Release Notes – 2.2

  • Split into two versions – A new version that supports Windows 8 (Requires .Net 4.0+) and a legacy version that supports from Windows XP to Windows 7 (Requires .Net 2.0+). The two versions will continue to co-exist temporarily until a single portable version is feasible to support all platforms including Windows 8.

Release Notes – 2.1

  • (Note: Version 2.0 withdrawn and re-released as 2.1 on the same day after an important bug fix)

Release Notes – 2.0

  • Minimum Requirement changed to Microsoft .Net 4.0 to support Windows 8.
  • Speak verse/chapter in context menu of reading pane to hear the Bible being read in background
  • Unable to export if the import file contains a single quote – Fixed
  • Support for e-Sword Reference Libraries (.refx files).

Release Notes – 1.23

  • Console based parameters are now available. It enables Simple Bible Reader to be silently used/or called from another programs.
  • Localizations are now autodetected and autoenabled
  • Localizations in Spanish – Thanks to Julio Behr

Release Notes – 1.22

  • Exported Unbound Bibles not able to open in ‘The Unbound Bible Tools’ – fixed
  • Experimental localization in Tamil. More languages will be added soon.

Release Notes – 1.21

  • TOPX with qoutes in titles displays System.Byte [] – fixed.

Release Notes – 1.20

  • Some files previously worked suddenly failed to load – fixed.

Release Notes – 1.19

  • Bibles exportable to LOGOS Import (docx) format.
  • Convert massive amount of files using batch mode.
  • Support for user plugins to hook into the parsing process.
  • Application digitally signed using trusted CA.
  • Greek/Hebrew letters not displayed properly in some formats- fixed.

Release Notes – 1.18

  • Bug fix for drag and drop of non-Bibles
  • Preference page for MP3 Bible files.

Release Notes – 1.17

  • Support for EasySlides Bibles.
  • Export English Bibles as MP3 files.
  • Export progress bar at 100% always – fixed.
  • Printer exception – fixed.

Release Notes – 1.16

  • Support for STEP modules but export not yet fully supported.

Release Notes – 1.15

  • Bug fix – Can’t open theWord commentary modules from

Release Notes – 1.14

  • Bug fix – The Word format export collapses when verses have multiple lines.
  • Bug fix – Some red texts disappears in e-Sword because of nested rtf tags.

Release Notes – 1.13

  • Option to unencrypt while export of e-Sword 9.x Bibles in Preferences for the support of editing Bibles using ToolTip Tool NT.
  • VPL format now supports Strong’s
  • Minor Bug-fix on MySword for Android dictionary export.

Release Notes – 1.12

  • Support for the SWORD Project Books.
  • Support for the BibleAnalyzer Books.
  • Support for the MySword for Android Books.

Release Notes – 1.11

  • Support for e-Sword Topics and The Word Books.
  • Better text support for RVF based The Word modules.
  • Encrypting e-Sword modules during export.

Release Notes – 1.10

  • Support for BibleAnalyzer commentaries and dictionaries.

Release Notes – 1.9

  • Support for MySword for Android commentaries and dictionaries.

Release Notes – 1.8

  • Extended ASCII characters are displayed as squares – fixed

Release Notes – 1.7

  • You know a language to speak but doesn’t know how to read or write? Don’t worry. Transliteration support is now added.
  • Bible Statistics.
  • Unicode Bug introduced in 1.6 – Fixed.

Release Notes – 1.6

  • SWORD Dictionary – Bug fixed. Now supports compressed SWORD dictionaries.
  • Export parameters like abbrevation, description, comments does not work – fixed.

Release Notes – 1.5

  • Executable Bible now has same advanced features as Simple Bible Reader
  • Ability to automatically detect file format with support for drag-and-drop of any supported format irrespective of bibles, commentaries and dictionaries.
  • Supports SWORD Dictionaries.

Release Notes – 1.4

  • Layout changes along with advanced layout options to support commentary and dictionary.
  • Option to change fonts.
  • Paragraph view
  • Support for red-text and lexicon display for Zefania XML, e-Sword and The Word modules.
  • Support for XML, SWORD, e-Sword and The Word commentaries.
  • Support for Zefania, e-Sword and TheWord Dictionary modules.
  • Advanced search support with and, or, exact, match case and regular expressions.
  • Linking Bible verse to Commentaries and lexicon-dictionary.

Release Notes – 1.3

  • Compressed SWORD Bibles of OSIS SourceType doesn’t open – Fixed.

Release Notes – 1.2

  • Support for The Word encrypted modules – .ontx, .otx and .ntx

Release Notes – 1.1

  • Support for MySword for Android bibles
  • Support for Bible Analyzer bibles

Release Notes – 1.0

  • Initial Release.
  • Supports nearly 20 bible formats.