Who is teaching you to fear God?

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. While fear of God is very important, who is teaching us to fear God, and how are we fearing Him? In this post we will explore the fear of God taught by various people in Scriptures.

Fear is a sign of having no faith

Fear is a sign that we may lack faith. ‘Fear’ by itself is not mentioned as a sin anywhere in the Scriptures. However, when we fear, we must place our trust in God and hope that He will deliver us. If we don’t place our trust in God but trust in men, God calls us as cursed. If we become frightened by the situation, we show that we have no faith and can sink even before Jesus.

Faith is fearless of Satan

We can ask God to do a miracle in our life, like walking on the water in the midst of a stormy situation. God hears our prayers and can even command us the miracle to happen in our life. The miracle can even begin to happen in our life. But if we see the situation and became frightened because of it, Jesus declares us to be ‘doubtful’ of Him and we can sink into trouble right before Jesus. The coward who is afraid of Satan have no faith in God, and will not inherit eternal life but have his part in second death. Are you afraid of the devil?