Identifying and interpreting dreams

Not all dreams are from God and not all dreams have meanings attached to it. We dreams through much activity and because of our desires of our heart as well. Only some dreams are from God and they have meaning to it. Not all dreams are accurate as well. God can give false dreams to test us but accurate dreams and its interpretation even to unbelievers.

Christmas, Christ mass and now, holidays without Christ

Many are happy with Santa-Claus, Christmas trees and elves in most secular circles but become unhappy when Jesus Christ or His message of salvation is mentioned. Christians must never compromise Christmas by introducing traditions and customs not found in scripture. These not only gives opportunity to remove Christ from Christmas but also eliminates His message of salvation.

Who are the sons of God and daughters of men?

The term sons of God and daughters of men who bore Nephilim which is often translated as giants had fascinated people for thousands of years. Even during the time of Jesus, many often understood this to be a union between angels and humans. Does the book of Genesis gives us some clues to identify them?

Revisiting Antediluvian Years

While investigating the Antediluvian years, I noticed something interesting worth sharing which could help reconstruct the antediluvian years from 3 ancient source differing with each other. Noah was born on the year 1656 AM. This is really interesting because, Masoretic provides this year as the year of the flood. Also, we can clearly see that Lamech and Methuselah dying in the flood since they died exactly on the year of flood, that is 2256 AM.

Even hypocrites can cast out demons!

There is a wrong perspective that if someone casts out demons, or did miracles or prophesied then they must be holy and God is with him/her and we must listen to them for they may speak on God’s behalf. But reality is, as Jesus mentioned, even the Pharisees whom Jesus referred to as hypocrites can cast out demons.

Last Supper: Wine, Grape Juice or Bitter Herbs?

The events mentioned in last supper of Jesus Christ causes a lot of confusion when compared with Passover of the LORD when both are same. Where is bitter herbs in the last supper? Where is wine in the Passover? The fruit of the vine is compared to the blood of Jesus that was be poured out for us. The vine mentioned does not necessarily mean grape vine but rather vine that produces bitter fruits as per the requirement for Passover. Some examples of such vine include bitter melons or bitter gourds which produces bitter fruits.

Unbelief on answering prayers brings punishment

Most Christians pray to God with many requests like having a huge grocery list. Praying without doubting is important for receiving from God. That’s fine while praying. As time goes by, many even forget their prayer requests but we worship a God who listens to all our prayers and remembers them. When God is answering your prayer request, and if you don’t believe in it, God will punish you. Hence, be careful what you ask for, and make sure you hold on to it and never doubt until you get it.

Scriptural benefits for Circumcision of gentile Christians

While circumcision of heart and ears are required for all Christians, circumcision of flesh is not mandatory since the law was never given to gentiles.  Having said that, circumcised gentile Christians are not without benefits in the Scriptures. All Christian gentiles who are circumcised for God of Israel become part of Abraham’s household, can keep the Passover of the LORD, be as a native of Israel and finally can enter Ezekiel’s temple.

Sad Truth of Grace and Mercy

Christians often believe that they always have grace and mercy from God but reality is far from it. Christians are being repeatedly deceived that we are even living under the covenant of grace or dispensation of grace when Christ never even mentioned the word grace. God sees our heart and He decides to give grace or be merciful if He wants. Some will never receive any. God has no obligation to give you grace and be merciful. This is the sad truth of God’s grace and mercies. Which is why, we must always obey Him, keep His commandments and be sinless before Him.

Is speaking in tongues true or not?

Speaking in tongues is not unique to Christianity but a common practice by pagans, shamans and occult. After removing Paul’s letters, neither Jesus, nor His disciples in their letters or in Revelation we find any reference to speaking in tongues except in Acts. Speaking in tongues was given by God to confuse people at the tower of Babel. Even a donkey can speak new tongues to preach a prophet. On the day of Pentecost, just like the donkey, God used His disciples to preach to the people in their own tongues. It is not a gift of the Holy Spirit, nor a language of the angels as Paul lied. God can open the mouth of any creature at any situation to deliver His message for His glory.