No forgiveness without restitution

Many Christians believe that saying a prayer is enough for forgiveness or removal of any curses they may have. They completely ignore that our LORD is a God of recompense and restitution is required. In this post, we will explore the requirement for restitution for true repentance.

Why purify ourselves when only God can forgive?

How can we be cleansed by the blood of Jesus by obeying Him when only God can forgive? How does being cleansed and forgiveness from God fit? It is important that our heart must be clean before God for Him to even forgive us. It is also important to be always clean and maintain our garments to be undefiled not only to inherit eternal life but also for us to dwell in His house.

Forgive Sins Or Retain It?

Jesus taught that forgiving is so important that if we fail to do so, our sins will also not be forgiven by God. But John writes about Jesus teaching to retain sins. A closer look at the quote of Jesus reveals that the details of that event was clearly wrong due to John’s recollection of the event later. Hence, we must forgive others and not to retain sins as all the synoptic gospels say.

If forgiveness can heal sickness, why not curses?

Christ forgave the sins of many and healed their sickness because of their own sins and of demons. However, we cannot find any birth-related sickness due to inherited curses for forefather’s sins except the born blind who was healed for His glory and not for sins. Scripture says that all birth related sicknesses are from God and Christ is not against it. Until the new heavens and earth, let us be careful in not doing iniquity which brings curses upon our descendants.

God’s forgiveness will not clear the iniquity

Many Christians believe that doing some iniquity and asking forgiveness from God will clear the iniquity as if they had never did that. God said that He will forgive the iniquity of those who ask forgiveness but He will not clear that iniquity to leave them unpunished. Receiving forgiveness but not clearing the iniquity means not to remove the curses or the punishment for that iniquity. Is that so? Let’s see.