Gift of Interpretation and Imaginary Explanations! Beware!

Interpretation is one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. However, false interpretations are wide spread. Many churches today think the gift of interpretation is about interpreting gibberish sounds into meaningful explanations.

After reading that all the gifts of the Holy Spirit are done in order in Canberra Revival Fellowship as instructed by Paul and we wanted to pay a visit. But after attending the service, we came to the conclusion that the gifts displayed were in fact lies. A lady spoke in tongues which is nothing expect two sounds for 30 seconds. Then a man interprets it for 5 minutes in English. Further, the explanation uses the name of our Lord ‘Jesus’ several times and yet it is interpreted from these two gibberish sounds with no structure of a language. What a joke! It is sad to see how people are deceived and fall into these traps. This is not the gift of interpretation.

Rosetta Stone

I am urged to say how gifts of interpretation will be as I had heard and listened several times, so that you will keep yourself away from deceivers. The gift of interpretation is not gift of explanation but rather translation of that unknown language. The person who is blessed with this gift interprets the tongues which is in unknown language to the listener. If you listen carefully, it will be like a “Rosetta Stone” where you can even map words from unknown to known language. When I heard the words spoken in an unknown language by a very godly woman who is blessed with the gift of tongues, and when it was interpreted by the gift of interpretation, the unknown word interpreted in known language, if it occurs anywhere again, it will be interpreted exactly the same word as before, confirming the accuracy of this gift of interpretation.

As the scriptures say, test every spirit and be discerning.

(1John 4:1) Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

Many had started to interpret gibberish non-sense using their imaginations as if it is from God. Apart from these deceivers, Satan knows many even extinct languages and also your language. So, it is not a difficult thing for Satan to deceive you if he knows that you will fall for this. So, keep watch always. Discern everything based on Bible standards and have His Word within you.

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