Free Christian Software, Tools and Utilities

The below software are not actively developed and no longer supported. The story of Church Software began with a specific need in a church in 2008 and with me having the right skill, started to develop the software. I then built a few other software based on a few other needs that arose. I ceased developing further software since there are lot of other tools available and there is no need for me to build any new software for the bride of Christ. But, I am called for a greater cause, to warn people and preach the true gospel message of repentance which leads to salvation. I started Trumpet Call, to be a watchman and warn people of God’s wrath on sinners which is lacking in today’s churches.

  • sbr_lex Simple Bible Reader / Converter - The software is aimed to be simple, yet a powerful reader and converter to support and convert from/to all available bible formats. The software is developed with an intention of being portable and faster loading, that does not have any dependencies on the user system. It is also developed to bridge the gap between multiple Bible softwares, so that a user can choose his favorite Bible software and import / export his favorite Bible translation through this software. The software allows you to import and export from / to any supported Bible format.

Please visit our GitHub page for a list of other software previously developed which are no longer actively developed or supported.