Pilgrim’s Progress

This page is archived, unlisted for public and available only for historic reasons.

Pilgrim’s Progress is a 3D maze game built using Unreal Engine 4 based on the 1678 Christian allegory written by John Bunyan. In the game you will have to avoid the wrong way and stay on the path. Going in the wrong way will make you lose the grace of God, e.g, Staying in the city of destruction or doubting castle will slowly reduce the grace of God. However, going on the right path will lead to the celestial city.


  • ‘M’ key for Pilgrim’s Progress Map
  • ‘I’ key for Game Instructions
  • Arrows (or WASD) for direction
  • Space to jump
  • Mouse to move around
  • Alt+Enter to toggle full screen
  • Escape to quit the game

Source Code is available at GitHub. You can download the game from here (~315 MB).

Disclaimer: The game was built for my kids to teach them sound doctrines using games, and not intended for a wider gaming audience. It is posted here for like-minded parents.