Luke 2 is correct about birth of Jesus Christ

Luke chapter 2 is correct about Quirinius census in 6 AD. The Jews not only had to offer atonement money in the Temple, but also must go to their father’s house for the census procedure as in the law is by their families and their father’s house. Hence, Mary and Joseph going to Bethlehem is not a Roman requirement of census but a requirement from the law of Moses.

Parable of Faithfulness

The least Christ expects from us is not least obedience. On the contrary, complete obedience and faithfulness on the little things He instructed. If we aren’t faithful on the little instructions He gave before He left to Heaven, how can Christ expect us to be faithful on the many things He promised to give us when He returns?

Atonement and the New Covenant

If you are under the false teaching that Christ’s atonement was for the whole world and all our the past, present and future sins are already atoned for, then you are greatly mistaken. Christ’s atonement was only for the land of Israel and for the Jews who had obtained mercy for sins which had no atonement in the law like king David. Christ’s Blood spilled as an atonement for the sins according to the old covenant, is also the same Blood spilled to create a new covenant which will redeem and cleanse us not through the atonement but through His victory over death itself which He won through His own death, who now holds the keys to death and Hades. Just as God the Father who gave life in the old covenant through the atonement provided by His Son, Christ also provides life to those whom He will.Therefore, let us listen to Jesus Christ and obey Him to become worthy of Salvation.

Bible Study: Ezekiel 29 – Prophecy against Egypt

The twenty-ninth chapter of Ezekiel is about prophecy against Egypt. It shall be the lowliest of kingdoms; it shall never again exalt itself above the nations, for God will diminish them so that they will not rule over the nations anymore. No longer shall it be the confidence of the house of Israel, but will remind them of their iniquity when they turned to follow them.

Christ’s Gospel vs Paul’s Gospel

The gospel preached by Paul is not the same gospel preached by Christ. You have two choices. The popular choice is a wide gate and broad way, where you are saved by God’s grace through faith and nothing is required of you but leads to death, which is the gospel of grace by Paul the Pharisee. The unpopular choice is a narrow gate and difficult path where you had to deny yourself to live holy and righteous that leads to life, which is the gospel of the kingdom of God preached by Jesus Christ. The choice is up to you. Repent, and believe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, not Paul.