There are no accidents

Many people believe when someone dies in an accident it happened accidentally. However, the Scriptures clearly state that there are no accidents. It is God who will deliver the person into the hands of the other to take his or her life and provides a way for the person involved to escape.

Worse than fire and brimstone

God sent fire and brimstone on those who give themselves over to sexual immorality and homosexuality. While the punishment for Sodom and Gomorrah is worse enough, Jesus warns about a judgment much worse than fire and brimstone. In this post, we will explore who will receive punishments worse than Sodom and Gomorrah.

Fear is a sign of having no faith

Fear is a sign that we may lack faith. ‘Fear’ by itself is not mentioned as a sin anywhere in the Scriptures. However, when we fear, we must place our trust in God and hope that He will deliver us. If we don’t place our trust in God but trust in men, God calls us as cursed. If we become frightened by the situation, we show that we have no faith and can sink even before Jesus.

Learn how to face Goliaths

To defeat problems like Goliath, we must first boldly face lions and bears in smaller situations, to be faithful to God and standing firm for His teachings on little things. God doesn’t want cowards in His army. If we boldly face problems like lions and bears in smaller and unnoticed situations, we will treat Goliath just like another wild animal and defeat it.

Christ will come in the glory of His Father

We saw in a previous post on what Christ’s coming on the clouds mean. It can be either symbolic or literal but always represents the presence and the glory of God. In this post, we will explore how the sight of Christ’s second coming or the glory of His Father will look like.

No forgiveness without restitution

Many Christians believe that saying a prayer is enough for forgiveness or removal of any curses they may have. They completely ignore that our LORD is a God of recompense and restitution is required. In this post, we will explore the requirement for restitution for true repentance.

Beware of Idle words

If we pass comments on the troubles of others without putting ourselves in their shoes or without seriousness or for others to hear our comments, whatever we spoke will be placed on us as judgement to test us. We must be very careful not to speak any idle words because they will be tested on us.

Are you envious because I am generous?

Christian workers must never compare their payments for the job with others and be envious if others get more. Rather they must negotiate with their employers and agree on the salary they require for the job. Even if the employer is not generous to others, we must always be content with what we agreed to receive for the work.

Obeying Jesus in the face of injustice

What should a Christian do if faced with injustice? What if threatened with a knife to give away everything we have? Should we fight back or give what he wants? One of the teachings of Jesus is to not resist an evil person. In this post, we will explore what Jesus taught about not resisting an evil person or not fight against injustices against us.