Democracy is against God

Democracy literally means, rule by people. Scriptures supports several forms of governments but democracy is not one of them. Whenever democracy was referred, it was always used to rebel against God’s decisions. After all, it was the people who want Jesus to be crucified. In this post, we will explore what the Scriptures had to say about democracy.

Christ’s second coming and 70 AD

The tabulation is the sequence events harmonized from all 3 synoptic gospels for the destruction of 70 AD and Christ’s second coming. The interesting part is the mix and out-of-sync sequence events in the gospels. If we attribute prophetic events of destruction of Jerusalem to Christ’s second coming, it may never happen and we will be waiting for it in vain. Hence, we must fix the jigsaw puzzle to first identify the prophetic events correctly and this harmonizing is the first step in achieving that goal.

Judge not? Or, not to declare God’s judgments?

Have you heard the term ‘judge not’ from certain Christians who don’t want others to point out their sins? Are they really saying to not judge them or not to declare God’s righteous judgements on them if they don’t repent? The reason why many who commit iniquity say not to judge them is really about not willing to hear the righteous judgments of God for their sins and want to continue in their sins.

Misquoting Jesus Christ

The words of Jesus had been misquoted throughout history to support doctrines and ideologies. In this post, we will explore how the words of Jesus had been misquoted to support even murder and evil. Many Christians are not murderers but want to misquote Jesus to justify their sinful deeds and remain in their sin. These people who do not turn away from their sinful ways will not enter life but death. Will you justify your sins by misquoting His words?

You can prove anything with the Bible

From Constantine in 312 AD to crusades in 11th century AD and even recently the US invasion of Iraq in 2003, all battles were done in the name of our God. Have you ever wondered why so many evil in this world is done using the name of Jesus in spite of Him never teaching such things to His disciples? It’s because you can prove anything with the Bible. This is why we must not be bible-believers but His disciples by obeying His teachings.

How do Christians reject the teachings of Jesus? – The Life

Today’s Christians are like the first century Jews who think that they have eternal life in the Bible, just like how they think that the Bible is the authoritative truth and the way. Jesus, who referred to Himself as life also refer His words as life. Satan is very clever who wants Christians to believe who Jesus really is, but reject all His teachings about attaining everlasting life by replacing it with the Bible. Jesus being life becomes a matter of opinion and interpretation of what it means among the other things mentioned as “life” in the Bible.

How would Jesus respond for SriLankan bomb-blasts?

More than 300 people were killed in the recent bomb blasts which targeted mostly Christians. There is no doubt God will bring justice quickly to those who do injustice against His people and even Jesus grieved for the death of His friend Lazarus just like us. However, when Jesus was mentioned about the killing of the Galileans and mixing their blood with the sacrifices, He responded in a completely unexpected way. In this post, we will explore the response of Jesus and how we can be spared from such attacks.

How do Christians reject the teachings of Jesus? – The Truth

The way Christians reject the teachings of Jesus is by replacing Him from being the Truth. If Jesus is the Truth, then everything that does not agree with Jesus Christ is a lie. Do you believe Jesus is the truth? Anyone can use the Bible to prove anything from polygamy to abstinence, crusades to burning on stake and many others. This is where Satan wants to throw away the Truth and replace it with the Bible. Do you truly believe the Truth who is Jesus Christ?