Non-final Judgement Day

We all know there is a final day of judgement for all, where those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation. However, we don’t talk much about the day of judgement for everyone including homes, towns and cities, apart from the final day of Judgement. In this post, we will explore these non-final judgements of God upon all.

Judgement on the Earth

We were contacted by a reader of this website to look into Isaiah 24 and 25 for all the things that are happening right now. There are indeed some similarities of what was written long ago and what is happening right now. Hence, it is better for us to meditate and prepare ourselves and know what is about to come if what we are experiencing is indeed from these chapters. In this post, we will explore Isaiah chapter 24.

Covid-19, Vaccinations and Scripture

While Jesus did say pestilences will become increasing during the last days, Covid-19 is primarily a socio-economic plague. This could be why we cannot find any direct prophecies for a global pandemic like Covid-19. If we search Scriptures for prophecies based on patterns due to the socio-economic impact of Covid-19, we can almost be certain that this Covid-19 is a precursor to many prophecies about to happen.

Who is teaching you to fear God?

Fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. While fear of God is very important, who is teaching us to fear God, and how are we fearing Him? In this post we will explore the fear of God taught by various people in Scriptures.

Your neighbor is your associate

The good Samaritan parable teaches us that anyone who shows mercy towards us is our neighbor. But that is just part of the answer. In this post we will explore more about who our neighbor really is based on the Hebrew word for neighbor and how the Pharisee was able to answer even though none were neighbors to each other in the parable.

Israel and Gaza

The fighting between Israel and Hamas had escalated in recent days. Due to these recent events, it is important for us to know and understand what God spoke through His prophets.

Laying on of Hands

Jesus never laid on of His hands on anyone including His disciples. Even His disciples never mentioned in any of their letters. What is this laying on of hands? Is this something Christians must be following? What does it really mean? In this post we will explore laying on of hands from Scripture and what it really means.

Where are the dead now?

Some believe that the dead remain as dead until the day of resurrection. While others believe that the good will go to heaven and the bad to hell. In this post, we will explore where the dead are now based on the teachings of Jesus.

Beware of Alternate Promises

When God promises something, there are always alternates for His people that tempt them. We must fully trust His promises and never look into any alternatives. In this post, we will explore three alternate examples of God’s promises provided to His people.

Why Jesus Christ had to die?

Many Christians have different views on why Christ had to die. For some, He died for their sins. But for others, He died to redeem them from their sins. Still, some believe He died as an atonement for the whole world and the resurrection of saints. Here, we will explore why Jesus doesn’t have to die for any of those but eternal life.