What does it mean to be a born again Christian?

Born again Christian is a term so commonly used by many Christians to denote their faith in Jesus Christ. It means, not merely trusting in His name, but obeying Him in everything He said. I am saddened by websites like gotquestions.org/born-again.html who never mention the truth that only those who practice righteousness and those who are free from sins are born of God. You can look into their answer to see the hypocrisy in it who neither mentions practicing righteousness nor being sinless to be born again. Follow Jesus and His disciples on what He taught, not some answers from any website including this.

Why oaths or swearing to God is of evil?

Jesus Christ in His famous sermon on the mount taught us not to swear or take oaths, even added anything more than “Yes” or “No” is of evil. Making a vow or swearing an oath on someone greater or something which we cannot change or control is by itself swearing falsely. In this post, we will explore why Jesus taught us not to swear and how it is of evil.

Luxurious Lot who lost everything

It is very important for us to reevaluate with whom do we dwell among. If we are surrounded by sinners and the wicked, we must flee from that place. If we don’t, God warns about us having part in their sins and also in their judgments. If we linger like Lot, we will be left with nothing and had to flee for our lives on the day God judges the sinners on the land.

Relatives, Friends, Servants and Strangers for Jesus

Are you born of God to be a brother or sister of the Son of God? Or, are you a friend of Jesus, the same relationship with which Jesus called Judas? Or, have you just decided to serve Jesus to be His servant? Or, are you a stranger to Jesus by working iniquity? Only a relative can redeem a relative. Neither a friend can redeem his friend, nor can a master can redeem his servant. Who are you to Christ?

Why purify ourselves when only God can forgive?

How can we be cleansed by the blood of Jesus by obeying Him when only God can forgive? How does being cleansed and forgiveness from God fit? It is important that our heart must be clean before God for Him to even forgive us. It is also important to be always clean and maintain our garments to be undefiled not only to inherit eternal life but also for us to dwell in His house.

Sins not leading to death

Many Christians believe that all sins lead to death. They are unaware of the sins that does not lead to death. Not all sins lead to death. Unintentional sins when confessed, being silent for witnesses and sins being unaware when confessed, false swearing when confessed and restoring stolen money along with the fifth of the value will not lead to death. While Christ forgives any true repentant sinner, if they continue to commit any sin that lead to death, God have mercy on that soul.

Paul acknowledges being a child of Zeus

Paul taught nothing from what Jesus Christ taught. We cannot find a single parable or teaching or doctrine of Jesus in any of Paul’s letters and everything he wrote contradicts Christ. Paul manipulates and misquotes Scripture to reject the teachings of Jesus Christ. If Paul is not preaching the teachings of Jesus Christ, which God is Paul referring to? You will be surprised to learn how Paul repeatedly refers and quotes in praise of Zeus, and even acknowledges that he is a child of Zeus. Why do many Christians still use Christ’s name to follow Paul and worship Zeus?

Exodus 26 – Design of the Tabernacle

The Tabernacle of Moses is the first dwelling place described by God Himself for Him to dwell among His people. It is very important for us to understand the tabernacle of Moses before we understand how Christ made His dwelling or tabernacle among us. The twenty sixth chapter of Exodus is about the design of the Tabernacle of Moses. Let’s go through each verse to understand it’s design.

Jesus will not cleanse anyone with His blood

For many Christians, the blood of the Lamb or the blood of Jesus Christ refers to a magic blood bank sucking from Christ’s body and gets poured out at their request to make them clean. They completely ignore the true meaning of it, which is completely our responsibility. Asking God to cleanse us with the blood of His Son Jesus is not only deceptive but hypocritical. While the blood of Jesus can cleanse us, He is not going to spoon feed us with His blood to force us to abide in Him but rather, it is our responsibility to obey His words and keep His commandments to get cleansed.

In Father’s words: Law is just a shadow

The law is just a shadow is not a new concept for most Christians as the anonymous author of Hebrews writes it. However, the law was mentioned as a shadow by the Father Himself even before Christ came into this world. In this post, we will explore deeper using the Father’s words on some of the ritual laws and their true meaning.