Non-final Judgement Day

We all know there is a final day of judgement for all, where those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of condemnation. However, we don’t talk much about the day of judgement for everyone including homes, towns and cities, apart from the final day of Judgement. In this post, we will explore these non-final judgements of God upon all.

Judgement on the Earth

We were contacted by a reader of this website to look into Isaiah 24 and 25 for all the things that are happening right now. There are indeed some similarities of what was written long ago and what is happening right now. Hence, it is better for us to meditate and prepare ourselves and know what is about to come if what we are experiencing is indeed from these chapters. In this post, we will explore Isaiah chapter 24.

God’s judgment will not have collateral damages

Just as Rahab’s house on the wall did not fall flat, God executes His judgments with precision. Even before God executes His judgments, He marks those who cry out and sigh against abominations like homosexuality and murders like abortions not to be harmed while the rest including their children have no mercy. There are no accidental deaths or collateral damages in God’s judgments and it begins with Christians. Are you marked to be spared from His judgments?

Judgement on nations for leader’s sins

God judge nations for people’s sins. But we often forget that God will judge nations for the sinful decisions taken by their leaders. God can punish the nation long after the leader responsible is dead. In this post we will explore the judgements of God on nations because of the sins of their leaders.

Judge not? Or, not to declare God’s judgments?

Have you heard the term ‘judge not’ from certain Christians who don’t want others to point out their sins? Are they really saying to not judge them or not to declare God’s righteous judgements on them if they don’t repent? The reason why many who commit iniquity say not to judge them is really about not willing to hear the righteous judgments of God for their sins and want to continue in their sins.

RE: A message to Folau: The world doesn’t need more judgmental Christians

This post is a reply to Brian Houston, the Founder and senior pastor of Hillsong Church for his article in The Sydney Morning Herald titled, “A message to Folau: The world doesn’t need more judgmental Christians”. John the Baptist was beheaded for rebuking Herod’s adultery and Jesus was crucified for rebuking sinners and Pharisees who don’t repent. Brian Houston must be ashamed to even quote Jesus Christ and John the Baptist.

Bible Study: Ezekiel 28 – Judgment on Tyre’s King and Sidon

God will judge any nation that is like a pricking thorn to Israel. In 1948, God gathered the house of Israel and the nation of Israel was formed. They will dwell in their own land, build houses, plant vineyards and dwell safely. While Israel dwell safely, God will execute Judgments on all around those who despise them. Whether it ancient Tyre by Alexander or the Invasion of Iraq in 2003 or Syrian civil-war in 2011, these judgments ruined them.