Understanding Wrath of God

When God is angry, fire that devours the earth and it’s harvest is just the beginning. Around mid-November, Israel Folau said the fires and drought were only a “little taste of God’s judgment” with worse to come if nothing changes. More than a month later, the worse had indeed come (or is it yet to come?). Woe had proceeded from the mouth of God for the punishment of the sins of the people. Therefore, let us examine our ways and turn back to God.

Are those born of God cannot sin?

Those who are born again or born of God cannot sin. While it seems impossible, it is certainly possible if we exactly obey what Jesus taught. Jesus taught us to cut off everything from our life that causes us to sin. If you cut off anything that causes you to sin, how can you sin? This is why, those who are born of God cannot sin.

Why does God send forest fires?

Bush fires or forest fires are a punishment for people’s doings. It is a warning to show that God is against the land and He kindled them for people to know their abominations. According to scriptures, forest fires are just a small part of greater punishments yet to come.

Judgement on nations for leader’s sins

God judge nations for people’s sins. But we often forget that God will judge nations for the sinful decisions taken by their leaders. God can punish the nation long after the leader responsible is dead. In this post we will explore the judgements of God on nations because of the sins of their leaders.

Elimelech and the world

Just as Elimelech must have kept the law of Moses and not clung to Moab and given his sons in marriage to Moabite women, we too must obey the teachings of Jesus and not cling to the world. Just as Ruth, who was a Moabite, left Moab and came to the God of Israel for refuge, we too must leave the world behind and come to Jesus who will give us rest. As in James 4:4, anyone who wants to be a friend of this world makes himself an enemy of God.

Babylon is rising for Australia

For every nation that commits iniquity, God raises an archetype of Babylon for them and Australia can clearly see this Babylon rising in power and strength proportional to the abominations allowed to commit in this land. In this post, we will explore more about how God will use Babylon on a nation that commits iniquity.

Are visions and tours to heaven real?

There are several testimonies with people claiming to have been to heaven or hell. Are their description of heaven or hell real? In this post we will explore these claims and discern the truth. Heaven is God’s throne There are some basic fundamentals of the very nature of our God which we must fully understand to discern these types of claims. Except the message (if they are truly from God), the rest of the imagery are all mental projections.

Book of the Law vs Book of the Covenant

Scripture speaks about the Book of the Law and the Book of the Covenant. Sometimes it is differentiated while other times it is used as interchangeable. To fully understand the Torah, we must first understand the book of the Law and the Book of the Covenant.

Not to work for money? Live by faith?

Jesus said not to labor for food that perishes and not to worry about what to eat, drink or wear. There are a few who believe this to be, not working for money and not to own anything, have resigned from their jobs, sold everything to live by faith. In this post, we will explore what Jesus actually said and where they have erred.

Biblical Cosmology: Windows of Heaven

Ancient Israelites believe that water is poured out of windows from a solid sky strong as a cast metal mirror and comes down as rain. They also believe that anything that falls from the sky comes out of doors and windows in heaven. When God in His infinite wisdom and knowledge speaks about the incorrect cosmological view of His people, He converts them into an allegorical representation to deliver His message in a way they can relate and understand.