The Lie of Prayer Ministries

There were times when someone desperately need some help and a prophet or a preacher would ask God for help. These days, many Christians outsource their prayers to a team of so-called prayer warriors and several new Christian ministries exist based on this very lie. In this post, we will look into the deception of prayer ministry.

Unbelief on answering prayers brings punishment

Most Christians pray to God with many requests like having a huge grocery list. Praying without doubting is important for receiving from God. That’s fine while praying. As time goes by, many even forget their prayer requests but we worship a God who listens to all our prayers and remembers them. When God is answering your prayer request, and if you don’t believe in it, God will punish you. Hence, be careful what you ask for, and make sure you hold on to it and never doubt until you get it.

Should we pray for others?

You may have heard many Christians uttering statements like “I am praying for you”. Christ is our Mediator and He never gave His role of intercession to anyone. Jesus Christ preached to sinners, hypocrites and even rebuked cities for them not repenting but never prayed for them to believe in Him or repent. Even His model prayer has nothing for others. His prayers for others, specifically for sinners and unbelievers is extremely limited to just one particular situation.Let’s explore Christ’s prayers for what we need to pray for others.

Get away from name-Christians, don’t even pray for them

Whoever does the will of Our Father in heaven, is Christ’s brother, sister and mother. (Matt 12:50) “For whoever does the will of My Father in heaven is My brother and sister and mother.” This is why, Christians are referred as Brothers and Sisters in Christ. Also, throughout the letters in New Testament we see…