Septuagint’s Antediluvian Years are Correct

Septuagint refer to the seventy Jewish scholars who solely translated the Five Books of Moses into Koine Greek as early as the 3rd century BC. The old testament of Christians Bibles are entirely based on Masoretic Text which has its oldest manuscript only from 9th century AD. Septuagint have an amazing consistency with the Masoretic Text but there are a few notable differences. Irrespective of such differences, our New Testament is entirely based on Septuagint and repeatedly quoted by Apostles and disciples.

One such difference is the antediluvian or pre-flood years.

Patriarch Masoretic Septuagint
Birth Son Death Birth Son Death
Adam 0 130 930 0 230 930
Seth 130 105 912 230 205 912
Enosh 235 90 905 435 190 905
Kenan 325 70 910 625 170 910
Mahalalel 395 65 895 795 165 895
Jared 460 162 962 960 162 962
Enoch 622 65 365 1122 165 365
Methuselah 687 187 969 1287 167
Lamech 874 182 777 1454
Noah 1056 500 950 1642
500 950
Flood 1656 2296 BC 2142
3140 BC

Septuagint is not without error. There were two scribal typos strike-out in red and corrected in blue. This correction is necessary because, Methuselah died on the same year as the flood and did not survive the flood.

Solomon’s temple was destroyed on the 19th year of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign (586 BC) which was 3366 years using Masoretic text (or) 4810 years using Septuagint since since creation. Hence, the global food happened on 2296 BC (Masoretic) or 3140 BC (Septuagint) based on the timelines. This blog will look into evidences to decide which text is correct.


There are many evidences like the first civilization called the Sumerian and first written languages were all from this period around 3100 BC, Several calendars from different cultures all have their starting point around 3100 BC. These observable evidences for some important event in the past cannot be simply ignored. Hence, the great flood is on 3140 BC which based on Septuagint. You can look into the timelines for a detailed verse by verse approach for arriving this year. However,  around 2296 BC which is based on Masoretic text, there is no known evidence for any event in a global scale.


The years mentioned in Septuagint antediluvian period is accurate. Based on this, the year of global flood is 3140 BC.

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