Revisiting Antediluvian Years

While investigating the Antediluvian years, I noticed something interesting which could help reconstruct the antediluvian years from 3 ancient source differing with each other. We already saw in earlier posts, Antediluvian lifespan are actually in months and  Septuagint’s Antediluvian Years are Correct which goes in detail investigating the reason for the differences.  In this post, we will look into how numbers could easily go into wrong places by scribes which gives different results.

This post is more like a supplement to the existing two posts to make the timeline more accurate with additional details. The timeline reflects those changes and they are not new except how long Lamech lived. The reconstructed timeline is based on Septuagint but two values were taken from Masoretic. If we replace 777 years to 782 years  (possibly a typo by a Masoretic scribe), we get some really interesting results. 

Noah was born on the year 1656 AM. This is really interesting because, Masoretic provides this year as the year of the flood. Also, we can clearly see that Lamech and Methuselah dying in the flood since they died exactly on the year of flood, that is 2256 AM.

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