Revisiting Antediluvian Years

While investigating the Antediluvian years, I noticed something interesting worth sharing which could help reconstruct the antediluvian years from 3 ancient source differing with each other. Noah was born on the year 1656 AM. This is really interesting because, Masoretic provides this year as the year of the flood. Also, we can clearly see that Lamech and Methuselah dying in the flood since they died exactly on the year of flood, that is 2256 AM.

Reconstruction and realignment of biblical timeline

Tracing history for Antediluvian timelines and pre-Exodus calendar systems. We can only go back in time up to the time of Abraham and may be a bit further back till tower of Babel for genealogies. Beyond that, it is impossible to verify with known historical records since the scribes copied and edited much of ancient records. 

Antediluvian lifespan are actually in months

In the book of Genesis from Bible, we see that the Antediluvian patriarchs lived extremely long, nearly a thousand years. However, based on evidence from the oldest book in the Bible, we will soon uncover that they are months, rather than years which means, the Antediluvian lived normally like us, and died like us. It’s all a misunderstanding of ancient texts.

When will Christ Return? 2036 AD?

We all know that we are in the last days. This century had seen technological advancements and the increase in knowledge as never before as spoken by prophet Daniel. We see lawlessness abound and the days of Noah had already come. Now the big question we all have is, can we even roughly predict our Lord’s second coming?

Septuagint’s Antediluvian Years are Correct

Septuagint refer to the seventy Jewish scholars who solely translated the Five Books of Moses into Koine Greek as early as the 3rd century BC. The old testament of Christians Bibles are entirely based on Masoretic Text which has its oldest manuscript only from 9th century AD. Septuagint have an amazing consistency with the Masoretic Text but there…

The 430 Confusing Years

The 430 years mentioned in the law and by Paul is one of the confusing years in the Bible. This blog is to explain the problem and provide a plausible solution only using authoritative texts. Torah’s 430 years The 430 years occurs only once in the law which mentions the total time of sojourning of…

The 400 Year Prophecy Mystery Explained

The 400 years prophecy to Abraham doesn’t seem to fit the details mentioned in the Torah. This blog is to explain the problem and provide a plausible solution only using authoritative texts. (Gen 15:8,13-16) And he said, “Lord GOD, how shall I know that I will inherit it?” …  Then the LORD said to him,…