Response to Same-sex marriage: What does the Bible really have to say?

This post is a response to the opinion article Same-sex marriage: What does the Bible really have to say?1 published in ABC and originally published in The Conversation. It’s actually a response email sent to a private church group but posting it here will benefit all Christians.

The author of the article published in ABC regarding same sex marriage, doesn’t understand the laws specific to Israel and mixing it with laws expected from all of mankind.

Is Christ redeeming gentiles from the curse of the law (Gal 3:13) who were never given the law to begin with? Gentiles were never given the law, nor they were under it anytime. Gentiles are not to follow the old covenant for it doesn’t promise back anything today (Isa 56:6) but the new covenant what Jesus Christ taught (Deut 18:18-19) for all nations (Matt 28:18-20) which is cleaning the inside of our hearts to be righteous and holy (Mark 7:21-23). Jesus also did not preach the law. Do not commit murder is the law. But Jesus said, being angry with a brother without a cause is equal to murder is not in the law but New Covenant. Do not commit adultery is the law. But Jesus said, even lusting a woman had already committed adultery in heart is never found in the law but of the New Covenant. (Matt 5:21-30). Jesus also taught whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery which is not found in the law, but according to the new covenant. (Matt 5:32; Deut 24:1).

The abominations mentioned in Lev 18 is for all nations, either Jew or Gentiles. God is casting out the Canaanites for that very reason who were never given the law (Lev 18:27). The author does not understand this. Theses are all the abominations for which the land will vomit out: Incest (Lev 18:6-17), Marrying multiple sisters (Lev 18:18), Approaching woman in customary impurity (Lev 18:19), Adultery (Lev 18:20), Aborting or kill your own children (Lev 18:21), Homosexuality (Lev 18:22), Bestiality (Lev 18:23). Clearly, homosexuality is one of them which God calls it an abomination which He expects all nations not to commit .

The author is then compares the laws given specifically to Israel like mixed-fabric clothing, trimming beard, eating pork along with abominations not to commit by all mankind, thus blurring the line of separation and hiding the truth. It is like Satan speaking more truth than lies in the garden of Eden (Gen 3:4-5). As we can clearly see the laws given to Israel like not eating pork were not given to Gentiles. The only thing we need to follow regarding dietary laws is not to eat things sacrificed to idols (e.g., halal etc) as decided in Jerusalem Council (Acts 15:19-20) and warned by Christ to two churches (Rev 2:14,20) and yet Paul rejects them both (1 Cor 8). However, we are to follow Christ, not Paul. Gentiles are to follow whatever Christ taught, what the Father expects from all nations as written in Lev 18 and the laws to Noah which is for all mankind which is not to murder and not to eat flesh with blood (Gen 9:4-6).

Homosexuality is a sexual immorality as described in (Jude 1:7) which the author conveniently ignores it and all who commit sexual immorality will have their part in second death (Rev 21:8). Christ Himself will fight against believers with the sword of My mouth who commit sexual immorality (Rev 2:14-16). Christ will cast believers who commit sexual immorality into great tribulation (Rev 2:19-23). Not all sins are equal either (John 19:11). Sexual immorality is a sin that leads to death. John does not even want Christians to pray for any believer who commit sin that leads to death (1 John 5:16).

Finally, the author uses statistics to define the number of verses to justify his folly. The author thinks and set his own rule that more verses are required to show more importance. That’s not what the Scriptures teach. Even within the law, there are weightier matters (Matt 23:23). Hence, not all laws given to Israel are equal. A disciple is not above his Teacher, nor a servant above his Master (Matt 10:24). Hence, not all verses in the Bible are equal. What God the Father spoke in Scriptures (OT) is above prophets’ prayer/praise and what Christ taught in the gospels is above His disciples words.

1 Whitaker, R. (2017). What does the Bible really say about same-sex marriage?. [online] ABC News. Available at: [Accessed 11 Sep. 2017].

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